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The Amazing Dr. Nim

E.S.R., Inc
John "Jack" Thomas Godfrey

Dr. NIM is a basic computer game invented by John “Jack” Thomas Godfrey and manufactured by E.S.R., Inc. in the mid-1960s. Dr. NIM consists of a plastic computer with memory switches and a set of marbles. This game is thought to be a variation of a game based off of an ancient Asian game played thousands of years ago.

A player challenges Dr. NIM (the computer) or another player. There are 15 marbles, and two players take turns choosing 1 to 3 marbles, until one marble is left. The person who is left to deal with one marble, is the loser. There are mathematical formulas in the handbook that help the players learn how to beat Dr. NIM and learn basic programming at the same time.

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