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Kinship Program

JTC 5081 punch cards made of smooth ivory card-stock (one card measures 7.375 in X 3.25 in)
Bob Roswell
This is a program to solve kinship networks. It was written by Bob Roswell, our museum curator, as his independent research project during the 1975-76 school year. He focused on a small town that had extensive records in their public archives of all the people who once lived, were born, married, and passed away there. With these records and over a thousand JTC-5081 punch-cards later, he created this program to sort the kinship records and find those in relation to a person. The person would input personal details including full name and birth date and the program would process the information and sort the cards. If there were records of kinship the program would reveal the list of related matches based on the values of ego, sex, spouse, father, and mother. The program made it much faster and easier to search through such information as detailed records of kinship in a short amount of time.