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TRS-80 Model 100

Operating System:
custom dedicated runtime in ROM firmware
Intel 80c85 @ 2.4 MHz
3.1 lbs with batteries
Kyocera and Tandy Corp.
$1099 for 8k version; $1399 for 24k version
The TRS-80 Model 100 one of the first do-it-all portable notebook-style computers introduced in 1983. It has a full-size keyboard with cursor navigation keys and non-backlit monochromatic liquid crystal display about the size of a large book. Powered by a battery-powered package with 4 AA batteries, it could run up to 20 hours and maintain 30 days of memory and can run with a 6V adapter too. Originally the TRS-80 Model 100 was made by Kyocera in Japan, yet it the Tandy Corporation bought the rights to the machine and sold it through Radio Shack and it became quite popular, selling over 6,000,000 units worldwide. When turned on the ROM firmware based operating system allows the machine to power up instantly and can continue running the same program that was when powered off. The Rom contain programs like the TELCOM terminal program, ADDRSS address book, SCHEDL organizer, and TEXT text editor. The TRS-80 runs on Microsoft BASIC 80 programming language which makes it very user-friendly and can support many programs. With an internal modem and a number of ports for attaching to other computers, machines, and disc drives like the Tandy Portable Disk Drive , the TRS-80 Model 100 can do almost as much as a full size computer. This computer was most popular for journalists at the time. They could type nearly silently up to 11 pages of texts and then transmit the document via the internal modem and TELECOM program.