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The Millionaire Calculating Machine

Keuffel & Esser
1893, Ours dates to 1909
THE MILLIONAIRE CALCULATOR WITH ALL THE ORIGINAL PAPERWORK AND DOCUMENTATION. SERIAL #1338 MANUFACTURED IN 1909 MODEL 8SMH The Millionaire calculating machine was the first commercially successful mechanical calculator that could perform a direct multiplication. It was in production from 1893 to 1935 with a total of about five thousand machines manufactured. Spectacular mechanical calculator The Millionaire, first made in 1893, Switzerland. The millionaire became the first calculator, commercially successful, capable of performing multiplication directly, without obtaining the result by the formula of repetition. Its production took place between 1893 and 1935, being manufactured in total about 4,600 copies. Swiss design engineer Pat Otto Steiger and production Hans W. Egli. The first patent for this mechanical calculator was made in Germany in 1892, while in France, Switzerland, Canada and the United States was in 1893. The patent can be found under the name of "The Millionaire" in USA and Canada " Millionaire "in France or" Millionär "in Germany. As of AUGUST 1909, approximately 1338 MILLIONAIRE calculators were manufactured up to that date in the 14 year period. Today there are approx. 175 MILLIONAIRE calculators registered and only 18 of those are the USA MODEL 85MH. The "8" is for 8 columns, "S" is for slider mechanism, "M" is for metal cabinet and "H" is for hand crank. From the 18 examples registered, nearly all have partial loss to complete loss of the cabinet paint. This was due to the metal front, back and side plates being of aluminum and the top being of sheet metal steel. The front, back and sides usually became pitted and corroded badly, thus the pitted gray color. The tops being made of sheet metal steel, usually became rusted. This calculator was recently serviced and has undergone a complete professional restoration to the cabinet repairing all of the corrosion, pitting and rust to the cabinet. It is one of the finest examples of this particular model. A 8SWH version recently sold on ebay that was listed for about $4,900 U.S. (unknown offer was accepted) but that sale did not include any of the original paperwork. Later models were often electrified as its production lasted until 1935. The wood model of this calculator is very sought after but his example being original with professional restoration to the cabinet, original paperwork, set of original keys in the envelope, 20 page "MILLIONAIRE" catalog, letter signed by W.A. MORSCHHAUSER, past owner documentation and history makes it without doubt one of the finest and one of the rarest in the world and should be worth much more than the average $3,000 price over those with condition issues and no paperwork or history. The mechanical works have not been messed with at all and has its original patina. The instructions are on a metal plate on the inside of the box lid also hold THE ORIGINAL CLEANING BRUSH AND CARRIAGE LOCK. The mechanical works inside are near mint! The serial number is the Nº1338 was manufactured in 1909, so it is a very early model that is sure to increase its value. The calculator works perfectly and has been recently serviced. This is undoubtedly a real gem, a museum quality, rare, very rare and even more extremely RARE as it is ONE OF THE VERY FEW KNOWN EXAMPLES WITH MOST OF THE ORIGINAL PAPERWORK! If you have as much of the paperwork history as this example, please let me know and send photos what you have and I will document this in my ad. As it is, to the best of my knowledge, this example has the most history and documentation behind it. ORIGINAL PAPERS INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: Original introduction letter dated August 11th, 1909. from W.A. MORCHHAUSER and TYPED LETTER SIGNED (TLS) by W.A. MORSCHHAUSER. Typed on OLD HAMPSHIRE BOND watermarked paper. The ORIGINAL BOOKLET PRINTED BY W.E.HEIM & CO. NO. 1 MADISEN AVE, NEW YORK, Inside cover plate HANS W. EGLI as SOLE MANUFACTURER, ZURICH SWITZERLAND, Sole Agent for North America W.A. MORSCHHAUSER 1 Madison, Ave. NEW YORK, U.S.A. Booklet is 20 pages including the front and back cover. There are numerous prints and mechanical drawings of the mechanical works and exterior of the machine in this booklet. Original instructions for use paper. Original envelope printed Shawmut Mining Company containing the 2 original keys . Shawmut Mining Company was a large Coal Mining Company in St Marys, Pennsylvania which operated the famous RAMSEY MINES. Original brochure with details of THE "MILLIONAIRE" CALCULATING MACHINE.