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Graphotype Manual-Electric Model G2

Addressograph-Multigraph Corporation, Cleveland, Ohio
As a slightly earlier and cheaper version of the automatic Keyboard-Electric model, the Graphotype Manual-Electric Model G2 Series 6200 also embossed metal cards for the Addressograph to use for transferring the information and printing. Yet, this model does not have a built-in keyboard to emboss the characters. Instead, the operator selects each letter one at a time using a hand wheel, indicator scale, and trip release lever. The Series 6200 class has the capacity of 50-80 characters on a wheel, consisting of large and small letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. Because this machine was more manually intensive, it was more designed for small to medium sized lists, such as payroll, news dealing, and mailing lists. There was an option that allowed one to add a costume die-head of a name or town for your wheel for ease and speed. Other optional equipment included a mounted stand with copy holder, a manual back spacer, a plate tray, tool drawer, safety guard, and an attached light fixture.