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Lemonade Stand (1979)

Bob Jamison wrote Lemonade Stand in 1973 as a business simulation game where the player goes through 12 rounds of running a lemonade stand, making choices about their stock, prices, and advertising based on their money. The results of each round are randomized numbers based on the player's inputs, and can be affected by random events such as thunderstorms and street closures. After being ported to the Apple II in 1979, Apple included it with their computers throughout the 1980s.

David H. Ahl reviewed the game in 1982, saying that while it was simpler than most other business simulators, it was a good game for educating children about businesses. Free on Apple computers and available in multiple sale packages, Lemonade Stand was easy to get. The game was "the perfect vehicle to introduce the microcomputer to family and friends and to convince them that technology could be a fun and positive force in their life", claimed Elizabeth Ghaffari in her book, Tapping The Wisdom that Surrounds You. Lemonade Stand's Applesoft BASIC source code has been available since 1979 and has been ported to REALbasic and released as free and open source software on modern systems.